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Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Diana Damrau


R. STRAUSS Four Symphonic Interludes from Intermezzo

R. STRAUSS Four Last Songs

BRAHMS Symphony No. 4

A performance at the Carnegie Hall by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Mariss Jansons, and Diana Damrau (Soprano) following dinner and lecture by Dr. Nicholas Chong, Professor of Musicology at Rutgers University. Sign up for our newsletter to receive a notification when tickets are available.

Tickets are free but limited.

Brahms looks back while Strauss soars to unprecedented heights in this concert. Brahms envisioned a symphony built around a Bach theme, and in the final movement of his last symphony crafted an epic passacaglia (variations over a repeating bass line) on the master’s melody, building to a devastating emotional climax. Autumnal sentiments are also present in Strauss’s gorgeous Four Last Songs, sung here by Diana Damrau who, according to Opera News, can ‘do anything she wants with any note at any given time.’
— The Carnegie Hall