Lectures and Conferences

Gather with scholars and students for more advanced exploration of classic texts and issues facing the contemporary university.


Cultural Outings

Our excursions help students understand exhibits and performances in light of the history and ideas that inspired them.


Undergraduate Seminars

Come for a meal and discussion of interdisciplinary questions in philosophy, religion, and the liberal arts.


Reading Groups

Reading groups allow for sustained reflection on topics outside typical undergraduate and graduate courses of study.


Intellectual encounters

Meet over tea or coffee with professors, authors, journalists, and other guests to hear about their work and the experiences that have led them along their intellectual and professional paths. 


Ongoing Areas of Interest

Explore the themes around which our programs revolve.



Listen to recordings from our featured events.


The liberal arts are the liberating arts. They involve memory, calculation, manipulation, and measurement, and call for dexterity of both mind and hand. Without these powers no mind is free to be what it desires. The mind itself desires to be free—from the animal within, from the enigma without.
— Mark Van Doren