Undergraduate Seminars



University students already have lectures, lengthy readings and exams; our seminars are opportunities to stop over lunch or dinner and reflect on ideas that are relevant to all majors and professions. Helped by brief excerpts of important texts, these informal discussions explore big questions that the liberal arts can help us answer.


Current Seminars


Literature humanities discussion group


Join us for a monthly dinner discussion with a professor from Columbia's Literature Humanities course. Enjoy a chance to take LitHum readings and discuss how they might relate to our own questions about life.

Previous Seminar Series

Landscape with a Bridge  (Picasso, 1909)

Landscape with a Bridge

(Picasso, 1909)

Facts, Verisimilitude, & Fake News

Return of the Prodigal Son  (Rembrandt, 1642)

Return of the Prodigal Son

(Rembrandt, 1642)

Guilt and REpentance

Delphic Sybil  (Michelangelo, 1509)

Delphic Sybil

(Michelangelo, 1509)

Humanism and Michelangelo