Religion and Modernity


The topic of this graduate student* reading group for the Fall semester of 2018 will be: 

John Henry Newman: Faith, Reason, and the Purpose of Education.


The scheduled meetings will be on the following days, at the offices of The Morningside Institute from 6:00-7:30pm. Dinner will be provided and readings will be circulated beforehand.

*Please note that there is a separate and parallel reading group for undergraduate students.


Thursday, October 18

Faith and Reason, part I

(excerpts from University Sermons 10 & 11)


Thursday, October 25

Love and Reason

(University Sermon 12)


Wednesday, October 31

The Unity of Knowledge in the University

(The Idea of a University: Discourse III and Discourse IV; excerpts will be emailed in advance)


Wednesday, november 7

Knowledge as Its Own End

(The Idea of a University: Discourse V and Discourse VII.6–7, 10)


Wednesday, november 14

Knowledge and Moral Formation

(The Idea of a University: Discourse VIII)