From “The Morningside Institute and the Rescue of the Liberal Arts":

“At its very core this institution is humble: with wondrous eyes it looks back at our long history, and with welcoming hands it welcomes all people to share with them the splendor of the arts. . . . The need is there; the promise of a college that would open one’s eyes has been overshadowed by technical degrees, echo chambers, Wall Street pipelines, and an overall insipid learning experience. The Morningside Institute participates in the pursuit of excellence through the study of the liberal arts. For those of us who still trust in Columbia’s mission and dream of a humble generation of Ivy-League-educated men and women that could change the world, the Morningside Institute offers hope.”

Rui Díaz-Pacheco, Columbia College '18

“The Morningside Institute has helped me realize that real discussion of the humanities doesn't have to end when you graduate."

Anonymous student, Columbia College

“Thank you for doing this work; I, for one, am incredibly grateful. I don't think I have felt so refreshed and edified, socially and intellectually, since moving to NYC.”

K.M. Boor, Ph.D. student, Fordham University

“Having a reading group like this to attend really is one of the highlights of my Columbia Law experience.”

Daniel Fuglestad, J.D. Student, Columbia law school