Frequently Asked Questions


- Who can participate in the Morningside Institute’s activities?

All students from universities in New York City. Our various programs are each open to students from different schools and levels of study. Please see individual programs for details.

- Can I attend a seminar if I don’t know much about the topic?

Of course. Our seminars presume no previous study or special knowledge from participants.

- Is there any tuition or fee?

No. Some events may require the purchase of discounted tickets for exhibits or performances put on by other organizations, but all of our discussions and meetings are free of charge.

- Is the Morningside Institute affiliated with Columbia, NYU, or another university?

The Morningside Institute exists to support and complement the work of universities in New York, but it is an independent, non-profit organization

- Are you affiliated with a religious community or political organization?

We have a special interest in the Christian intellectual tradition, which has played a major role in the development of Western thought and offers many resources for integrating other branches of knowledge with moral and religious inquiry. However, we are not affiliated with any religious or political group. Students from all backgrounds and perspectives are welcome in our programs.

- Do your faculty, students, and speakers all share the same views?

No, and no program or activity should be taken to express the endorsement or beliefs of the Institute or of individual participants.

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